Yesterday I took Jayce to the Denver airport to go back to Austin after a really fun weekend in Boulder. He was my first visitor since I arrived here nearly 6 weeks ago. It was so great to have him. I had someone to run around with, hike with, ride the scooter with, throw the frisbee with, and to hang out and watch tv with. We also baked red velvet cupcakes, had family dinners with the Meltons, walked around downtown, sat out on the patio and read (I started him on Catcher in the Rye!) and had breakfast out on the patio of a sweet little cafe. Unfortunately he didn’t get to experience the best Colorado weather during the day…it was HOT, even by Texas standards! But in the evening it got into the 50s and 60s and he was wishing he had a jacket!

We had a really fun time and I was sad to see him go!

Jayce made a video of some of our time here….I’m trying to get it posted on the blog but for the time being you can find it on my facebook page.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Once we made it to the very top!

Jayce checking out the view on the way up

little break...

Jayce found the highest point to climb up to and sit the whole way up!

flat iron

royal arch. it took us an hour or so to hike to this but it was well worth it.

out for icecream

looks like he's smoking.....don't worry, he's only finishing off his icecream cone!

it's hard to ever look cool (or have good hair) riding a scooter when you have to wear helmets 😉

enjoying breakfast on the patio. jayce drinking coffee!

Thanks for coming Jayce!!


New in the Etsy store

July 21, 2010

I’ve recently added a few new things to my etsy store….check it out!

The first two additions to the VINTAGE section of my shop….Two vintage aprons I found, one at an estate sale here in Boulder and one at an antique store in New Braunfels. They are both really cute!

and so it begins

July 15, 2010

I decided today that I wanted to start a blog. A place I can call my own…a place I can share what’s going on in my life and the sharing only has to go as far as the reader wants it to. I wanted a place outside of facebook that could be an outlet for my thoughts and pictures and everyday life happenings as well as traveling and exciting life events. Facebook was begining to feel a little too “public” for me.

Of course things happening in your life always seem more interesting to you than they probably are to other people, so please, only read if you find yourself interested because I’m sure at times I will ramble on about nonsense or post more picture than the average attention span can withstand. I’m living in Colorado for the summer with the family I nanny for so I have quite a bit of extra time on my hands, which is why this is a good time to start.

So…here it is… Read the rest of this entry »